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Flutterella by Silentmatten

Original by MickyMonster
Got bored before class so I found this sketch and vectored it.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
.AI  and PNG can be found in the zip download

Time to vector: 2.5 Hours (approx)

Please credit Mickeymonster and myself if you do use this vector, Thank you!
Tug-O-War by Silentmatten

I decided to capture this cute little moment when i a randomly paused the video. It looked like a little game of Tug-O-War ^_^

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
.AI  and PNG can be found in the zip download
(Illustrator file: Version CC 17.0, Note me for a downgraded version if needed)

Time to create:

Ownership and Social Media

Copyright owned by Hasbro and DHX Media.

Terms of Use
:bulletblue: You are allowed to use this piece so long as you credit me for the usage.
:bulletblue: Non-Professional use only. IE You cannot make a profit off this piece.

My favorite things!

Mon Jan 27, 2014, 12:34 PM

I'm bored, so I figured I would write a post about all my favorite things and give little insights on my personal opinion of each.

Bullet; Blue First up, Game Genres and favorite games that go with it:

(And before I go into this, I am a casual gamer, I focus more on elements in a game that keep me entertained over actual in depth elements that nobody ever notices.)

1. Racing | Need for Speed; Rivals 

- Need for Speed; Rivals is an amazing game, the cars are sleek, the story-line is awesome and the little rush of adrenalin you get from fighting a human player is completely unmatched in any other Need for Speed game I've played before. There is one major downside, however. The multiplayer function on the game is absolutely horrible, whenever I see a human player they're most of the time rubber banding all over the place making it both impossible to run away from them, or fight them because you never know if they will be right next to you or far behind you. Other than the bad server to client communication, Need for Speed; Rivals is a great game in my opinion and I would suggest it to anyone who loves racing games as much as I do.

2. Strategy/RTS | Command and Conquer Series

- Basically every C&C game from Red Alert 2 and up I've loved immensely. Up until C&C4, the campaign's have been stellar and very well written, even double sided! The AI in each game has always been well programmed and never over powered for the settings you choose. The maps have been good in every game and it's always been visually pleasing. ESPECIALLY Red Alert 3, the graphics in the game when it was first released blew me away. My only complaint is how cheesy the campaign is in Command and Conquer 4 is. Take all the over-used elements in video games and action movies, and you have the game's campaign. The campaign is crap, but outside of that, the game is pretty good. 

3. FPS | Team Fortress 2

- Because its, free, has decent graphics, is ridiculously funny, amazingly balanced, Hats!

4. Simulation | SimCity (2013)

- Although it is a hard game for me to get a city working correctly and not always having problems, it is a pretty fun game. The only downside part is that it is an Always Online game, that is soon changing with an offline mode that is being released soon :D

Bullet; Blue Favorite Music Genres:

1. Club/Dance | Vylet Pony - Back to Love (Ponyfirestone Remix)

(The link goes to my Visualizer video for the song, I do not own any element of the song.)

2. Progressive House/Trance 

- I haven't really found a track that I love over all the rest, but I do have a particular love for Shane Collin's Mixes

3. Gospel/Religous | Cinderella

4. Instrumental (Piano) | Christofori's Dream

Bullet; Blue Favorite Artists:

1. CTB-36

- Pretty much every piece that is released by CTB is automatically favorited by me because his style and cuteness in his art is just so amazing! I would definitely tell anyone I meet to watch him! :D

2. Edowaado

- Author and comic artist of the best Doctor Whoove's comic I've ever seen.

3. PixelKitties

- Because she is everything of a vector artist and artist in general, I wish I could be XD

4. Huussii

- Two words: Epic art. 'Nuff Said.

Bullet; Blue Favorite Fanfics:

1. The Flight of the Alicorn; Ponydora Prancypants

- This story is at the top of my list of favorites, mainly because of Rarity being the main character. But also because the story overall is pretty amazing all in itself. A definite must read for any Rarity fans.

2. Shipping and Handling; Pegasus Rescue Brigade

- I loved this story when I read it and I still love it. I'm even 70% finished with the audio play that I'm making for it!

3. Hocus Pocus; Pegasus Rescue Brigade

- The "Magical" sequel to Shipping and Handling, and all I can say is that the cliff hanger's PRB puts in this story are more annoying than stepping on a lego in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom, and he knows it >.> I would certainly encourage anyone who is interested to read this story (After Shipping and Handling, of course ;))

4. N/A

- I don't read a lot of fan fiction, so I can't really put a fourth on the list.

So now you know a bunch of useless information about me, hope ya'll have a nice day/night :D

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